Important Information Regarding Your Crib and Other Infant Products

Today, every crib sold in the United States of America (USA)—regardless of the retailer—must comply with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) current regulations. All retailers are now required to sell only cribs that meet these safety standards. Storkcraft® full-size cribs, mini cribs, toddler beds, crib & toddler mattresses, and changing tables have been tested to meet or exceed all applicable category safety standards. All Storkcraft® products are labeled in accordance with the CPSC’s regulations. We encourage all end users of our products to carefully read the safety instructions printed on your product’s labels, to not remove the labels under any circumstance, and to read carefully through all warning and safety information included in your product’s assembly instructions. If you have misplaced your product’s assembly instructions, please contact Storkcraft® Customer Care using the information listed at the top of this page immediately — we will be glad to provide you with your product’s assembly instructions.

If your crib is 10 years old or more, do not use it and purchase a new one. Please be sure to always carefully check your crib to ensure its in good working condition, as well as for missing hardware and any broken or missing parts. We strongly advise against purchasing a used crib. Many such cribs may not meet current safety standards and can have numerous safety problems. 

When choosing a safe crib for your nursery, a safe crib is one that has been purchased in new condition, and that has been certified by the manufacturer as being compliant with all applicable CPSC and ASTM International category requirements through independent, third-party party testing. Any used cribs that were produced ten (10) or more years ago may not meet the current standards, and could pose a risk to be dangerous to your child — especially due to improper storage and maintenance. It is important to note that drop-side cribs are not compliant with current federal safety standards. As noted in the JPMA’s homepage for Sleep Safety (click here to visit), “You should never purchase or use secondhand sleep products, as they may not meet the most current safety standards.”

In addition to the information listed above, other useful tips for safe use of your crib include:

  • Never substitute parts — If you are missing or have misplaced any parts of your product, do not substitute parts with anything other than parts provided directly from the manufacturer. For parts, contact Storkcraft® Customer Care or visit our Parts Order homepage.
  • If you intend to store your crib for future use, be sure to keep your assembly instructions, to keep all parts, and to keep them clearly labeled for future assembly. If you cannot locate your assembly instructions or misplace any parts, please contact Storkcraft® Customer Care.
  • Always check your crib for missing or loose hardware, or for anything that seems out of the ordinary.